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NFL Kitchen

Late one Thursday night a couple of weeks ago I left the kitchen to check in with the hostess to see how many reservations we had left for the night. As I glimpsed to my left, I saw these two huge guys sitting at the bar laughing and enjoying a cocktail. They signaled to me to come and join them. I wasn’t quite sure if they were referring to me so didn’t head in their direction initially. I went back to the kitchen and resumed dinner service. After about five minutes the hostess came to get me. She said that the two guys at the bar wanted to talk to me. I washed my hands and followed her back upstairs. On the way I asked her if she knew who they were. She said no, but she thought they were football players or something of the sort. Then I asked her if their meals were okay. She said that they just wanted to talk to me. OKAY....I arrived at their table and one of the guys asked, "do you know who I am"? I said no but how can I help you sir? He said that he frequents the restau…

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